Coombs scans

I’m still scanning old family photos. Here is my first cousin twice removed, Elijah Coombs (1891-1984) of Harbour Grace. He must have given this photo to my great-grandmother because the back reads: “To Aunt Bridge with best regards to all, Elijah”

Elijah Coombs

And here he is again as an elderly man. My great-uncle Sandy had gone up to Newfoundland for a visit and brought back this snapshot.

L to R: Elijah Coombs (much older than the picture above), his cousin Alexander (son of Eli), and his wife Edith

I’m not sure who the woman inside the shed is – maybe their daughter?

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7 thoughts on “Coombs scans

  1. Thank you for the photo, I am a great grandson of the Coombs and my oldest son has Elijah as his middle name. We were in Harbour Grace recently and my son asked where his grave was; I took him to the cemetary and we visited their grave site.
    He did do some research for Elijah and through the veterans affairs web site. However, I never seen the photo of EPop while in service.
    If you should have any more photos can you please post them?
    Thank you

    • Hi Anthony – If I find more photos I will surely post them. These were found among my late mother’s papers, and I think they were previously my grandmother’s; the military photo was addressed to my great-grandmother. So I don’t know how many more will turn up.

  2. Hi. I am Tony’s brother Charles first great grand son of Elijah Coombs. You are right, the lady in the garage is their daughter Violet Janes, married to Charles. This site is great. Thank you so much. I am in the process of finding his regiment number, not much luk so far, but still looking. Once again, Thank youy so much.

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