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My Ahnentafel

Surnames: Callaghan, Clancy, Clare, Cleary, Coombs, Costigan, Cronin, Crowley, Deasy, Foley, Furey, Gaule, Gibbs, Gorman, Hegarty, Hicks, Kennedy, King, LaCour, McCarthy, McGrath, Minchions, Murphy, O’Hagan, O’Neil, Ryan, Southwell, Vokey
1 me 
2 my father.
3 my mother.
4 Michael John Hegarty. b. 11 March 1898, Cambridge, Massachusetts; d. 15 October 1970, Somerville, Massachusetts.
5 Agnes Murphy. b. 23 July 1902, Cambridge, Massachusetts; d. 23 January 1985, Somerville, Massachusetts.
6 Bernard Costigan. b. 16 August 1890, Harbour Main, Newfoundland; d. 3 February 1989, Winthrop, Massachusetts.
7 Mary Coombs. b. 26 August 1895, Harbour Grace, Newfoundland; d. 26 February 2001, Lynn, Massachusetts.
8 John James Hegarty. b. 15 December 1867, Cork, County Cork, Ireland; d. 20 June 1947, Brighton, Massachusetts.
9 Margaret Teresa Deasy. b. 4 March 1872, Murragh parish, Bandon, County Cork, Ireland; d. 4 March 1955, Brighton, Massachusetts.
10 Walter J. Murphy. b. 1867, Kilkenny, County Kilkenny, Ireland; d. 1932 Somerville, Massachusetts.
11 Anastasia J. Gaule.  b. 1869, Waterford, County Waterford, Ireland; d. 1934, Somerville, Massachusetts.
12 John Costigan.  b. 1845, Harbour Main, Newfoundland; d. 24 May 1902, Harbour Main, Newfoundland.
13 Elizabeth Cleary. b. January 1862 Harbour Main, Newfoundland; d. 20 April 1956, Harbour Main, Newfoundland.
14 Eli Francis Coombs.  b. 22 May 1873, Harbour Grace, Newfoundland; d. 16 November 1956 East Boston, Massachusetts.
15 Bridget Clare. b. 1876 Harbour Grace, Newfoundland; d. 20 April 1950 East Boston, Massachusetts.
16 Michael Hegarty. b. Nov. 1849, Cork, County Cork, Ireland; d. County Cork, Ireland.
17 Ellen Cronin.  b. abt. 1846, County Cork, Ireland.
18 James Deasy. b. abt. 1836, County Cork, Ireland.
19 Honora McCarthy. b. Aherlow, County Cork, Ireland.
20 Thomas Murphy. b. Ireland.
21 Catherine Ryan. b. Ireland.
22 John Gaule. b. 1841, Waterford, County Waterford, Ireland; d. June 1886, Waterford, County Waterford, Ireland.
23 Ellen McGrath. b. abt. 1848, Waterford, County Waterford, Ireland; d. 8 August 1893 Cambridge, Massachusetts.
24 Thomas Costigan. b. June 1813 Harbour Main, Newfoundland; d. 21 December 1882, Harbour Main, Newfoundland.
25 Mary Furey. b. 25 January 1815 Harbour Main, Newfoundland; d. 23 December 1903, Harbour Main, Newfoundland.
26 Edward Cleary. b. 1829 Harbour Main, Newfoundland; d. 24 August 1916, Harbour Main, Newfoundland.
27 Grace Gorman. b. 1830 probably Harbour Main, Newfoundland; d. 25 April 1892, Harbour Main, Newfoundland.
28 Richard Coombs Jr. b. 1830, Upper Island Cove, Newfoundland; d. 23 January 1922 Bishop’s Cove, Newfoundland.
30 John Clare. b. 1836, England; d. 21 April 1892 Harbour Grace, Newfoundland.
31 Julianne Southwell. b. abt. 1840 Newfoundland.
32 John Hegarty. b. abt. 1820, County Cork, Ireland; d. County Cork, Ireland.
34 Cornelius Cronin. b. abt. 1820 County Cork, Ireland.
35 Julia Foley. b. abt. 1820 County Cork, Ireland.
36 James Deasy. b. abt. 1800 County Cork, Ireland.
37 Ellen Crowley. b. County Cork, Ireland.
38 Michael McCarthy. b. abt. 1800, Aherlow, County Cork, Ireland.
39 Honora Callahan. b. abt. 1805 Templemartin, County Cork, Ireland.
46 John McGrath. b. Ireland.
47 Kate Clancy. b. Ireland.
48 Vincent Costigan. b. 1790, Kilcash, County Tipperary, Ireland; d. 28 March 1844, Harbour Main, Newfoundland.
49 Johanna Kennedy. b. 22 April 1792, Harbour Main, Newfoundland; d. 11 May 1816, Harbour Main, Newfoundland.
50 James Furey. b. 1790, Avondale, Newfoundland.
51 Elizabeth LaCour. b. 1791, probably in Harbour Main, Newfoundland.
52 Edmund Cleary. b. before 1800; d. after 1845, Newfoundland. Born bef 1800.
53 Johanna Gibbs. married in Newfoundland
54 Simon Gorman. b. abt. 1800, probably in Harbour Main, Newfoundland.
56 Richard Coombs. b. abt. 1785, Upper Island Cove, Newfoundland.
57 Mary Minchions. b. Bishop’s Cove, Newfoundland.
62 William Southwell. b. abt. 1810.
63 Mary King.
72 James Deasy. b. abt. 1770, County Cork, Ireland.
73 Unknown female O’Neil. b. County Limerick, Ireland; d. County Cork, Ireland.
98 John Kennedy. b. 1757, Harbour Main, Newfoundland; d. 15 May 1816, Harbour Main, Newfoundland.
99 Mary Unknown Lastname. b. 1765 Harbour Main, Newfoundland; d. before 1826, Harbour Main, Newfoundland.
100 William Furey.
102 Edward LaCour. (Edward de la Cour) b. abt. 1760, Jersey, Channel Islands, UK
103 Mary Hicks. b. abt. 1770, Harbour Main, Newfoundland.
112 John Coombs. b. 1752, possibly in England; d. 1825 Upper Island Cove, Newfoundland.
113 Sarah Vokey. b. 1757, possibly in Jersey, Channel Islands; d. 1828, Upper Island Cove, Newfoundland.
144 James Deasy. b. abt. 1740, Carbery, County Cork, Ireland.
145 Unknown female O’Hagan. b. abt. 1745, West Cork, Ireland.
196 James Kennedy. b. 1716, Waterford, County Waterford, Ireland; d. 7 December 1776, Harbour Main, Newfoundland.
206 John Hicks. b. abt. 1744; d. Harbour Main, Newfoundland; d. abt. 1812 Harbour Main, Newfoundland.
6th great-grandparents
288 Bernard Deasy. b. abt. 1700, Carbery, County Cork, Ireland; d. France.

Disclaimer, Privacy, and Comment Policy:

This research is very much a work in progress. Although I have done my best to research carefully, I am not a professional genealogist. There are probably mistakes here. If you spot a mistake, think we are related or if you otherwise need more information, please contact me. I do have source references for most of what I post in the family pages.


I do not post about living people. My ancestor pages only come down as far as my grandparents’ generation. If you need information about more recent generations, email me. If you find something here that you feel compromises your privacy, or if you feel I have violated your copyright, please contact me and I will remove the material in question.

I welcome and invite civil and constructive commentary even if we disagree and certainly if you have found a mistake in my work. However, I reserve the right to remove from my blog comments that I find offensive. Genealogy is a happy, peaceful place for me and I’d like to keep it that way!

Contact Information

You can email me at eahegarty at gmail dot com. I am Emily Hegarty on Facebook. I am Emilygenie on Ancestry. I am @emilyhegarty on Twitter.


I could not have accomplished this research without help from my late parents and grandmother, Judy Barker, and Bea Williamson. No one really does genealogy by themselves.

3 thoughts on “About / Surnames / Ahnentafel

  1. Emily,
    I am so grateful for all the work that you put into this geneology project. It is so very interesting. I’m hooked.
    As you mentioned, you could not of done this without the help of others, you seemed to be the right family member to further research and organize this material.


    Bridget Doherty

  2. Hi, Emily. I stumbled across this wonderful site and want to thank you. I am a granddaughter of your grandmother Mary Costigan’s brother, Henry Francis Coombs. Thanks for posting the photos as well as all the information!
    Ann-Marie (Coombs) Messbauer

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