Brooklyn represent!

I’ve been very busy with professional responsibilities lately, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but is why this blog has been quiet.

My eventual plans for this site are:

  • rewrite the family pages to incorporate better sourcing, which will force me to analyze the material I have and hopefully clarify my next research steps
  • scan some more photos
  • read more relevant history

I am not really pleased with’s new Irish databases, since they are mostly barebones indices. Many of them replicate information I already had from (because it’s the same info being indexed). I think I’m eventually going to have to join one of the Irish-specific sites, and probably also seek professional guidance, but that’s further down the road.

Today I just went through my “people with hints” list on, and discovered that some Deasy ancestors lived right here in Brooklyn! I love it when things get local!

New page: James Deasy’s ledger (10¢ Church, 40¢ beer)

I added a new page to hold the transcription of my great-grand-uncle’s ledger, which contains a Deasy family history and 3 months worth of a combined budget and diary kept in Cambridge in 1892. I can’t vouch for how reliable he is or isn’t, but it’s an interesting snapshot of an immigrant laborer’s days. Mostly work!

A few notes:

theatre poster for The Ivy Leaf