tiny update

Made a small change to the early Coombs generations based on what I feel is right given the information that I currently have. Also added a tiny shred of immigration information to the Murphy page.

I joined Footnote.com and so far have found it useful for nailing down elusive military details for my Murphy branch, as well as for having some (but not all!) of the naturalization petitions I need. I find the search process a little cumbersome.

Continuing the slaughter theme

sausage ad

Squire’s sausage ad

An old ad from Squire’s slaughterhouse/meatpacking plant in Cambridge, site of ancestral employment. This place employed a lot of Cambridge and Somerville people. John P. Squire didn’t live near it though; he lived on Beacon Hill.

One time my great-grandfather Walter Murphy rescued a piglet from the back of the truck and brought it home as a pet. You would think that story would have the terrible “I love bacon” ending, but in the version I heard it did not — the pig lived happily for years and was taken for walks.

The plant burned down in the 1970s in a massive fire fueled by decades of offal and fat and grease soaked into the wooden floors of the brick warehouse. The Somerville Fire Department has a whole webpage about the fire.