First generation

1. EDMUND1 CLEARY married JOHANNA GIBBS in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland in 1815. Edmund could therefore have been born around 1790. I don’t know whther he was born in Newfoundland or not. He lived in Harbour Main, but everyone got married in Harbour Grace before there was a church in Harbour Main. He died sometime after 1835, because his name appears on an 1835 voters list for Harbour Main.

He had a son named [2] EDWARD CLEARY (see below) and possibly others I don’t know.

Second generation

2. EDWARD2 CLEARY (Edmund1) was born in 1829 in Harbour Main, Newfoundland. In 1856 he married GRACE GORMAN (1830-1892), the daughter of SIMON GORMAN of Harbour Main. Edward Cleary died 24 August 1916 in Harbour Main.

i. JOHN CLEARY was born in 1857 in Harbour Main. He married BRIDGET DOYLE (1857-1930), the daughter of Dennis and Catherine (Hickey) Doyle.  He died in 1935 in Harbour Main. They had children Lena, Edward, and Nora.

ii HANORAH CLEARY was born in 1860 in Harbour Main.

[3] iii. ELIZABETH CLEARY, see below.

iv. EDWARD AUGUSTINE CLEARY was born in 1863 in Harbour Main. He married ELLEN COSTELLO of Avondale. Edward died in 1907 in Harbour Main. They had five sons: Edward, Michael, James, Bernard and Simon. Their son Edward (1892-1964) emigrated to Washington State in the US. Their son Bernard (1897-1916) died in France in World War One.

v. SIMON CLEARY was born in 1869 in Harbour Main.

Third generation

3. ELIZABETH3 CLEARY (Edward2, Edmund1) was born in June 1861 in Harbour Main. On 3 June 1882, she married planter JOHN COSTIGAN (1845-1902) at Sts. Peter and Paul Church, Harbour Main. She died on 20 April 1956 in Harbour Main and is buried in Avondale.

Local lore in Harbour Main was that Elizabeth was already pregnant by someone else when she married John, so her first son Cornelius isn’t his. You can read all about her children on the Costigan page.

Elizabeth Cleary Costigan and her son Cornelius

10 thoughts on “Cleary

  1. Edward Cleary I believe married Grace Gorman daughter of Simon Gorman.I have the baptism record and can look it up if you’re interested.I have many connections to Harbour Main,Newfoundland and the surrounding towns.

  2. Hi yesterday girl….it is your long lost cousin from Brooklyn. I think we are related not only by the Costigan but now maybe the Cleary. Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. Thank you for this information. I love the picture too. I am the great granddaughter of Edward Cleary and Ellen Costello. Their son, Edward Gordon Cleary was my grandfather.

    • Hi Jayne! I am the great-granddaughter of Elizabeth Cleary and John Costigan. Their son Bernard Costigan was my grandfather. I think this makes us some kind of cousins :)

    • Hi Bill – Thanks for the headsup. I will definitely look into this, as my sources for Bridget are not as firm as I would like! Right now I am busy with the new school semester, but when I get back to this, I will! Thanks again, Emily

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