Researching my Coombs family line has been frustrating. There was a fire in 1882 in Upper Island Cove that destroyed St. Peter’s parish house and all its church registers. I am grateful for everyone’s help but obviously errors and bad guesses are all my own!

Upper Island Cove

1. JOHN1 COOMBS was born about 1752, probably in southwest England. He emigrated to Newfoundland in the early 1770s, probably working as a fisherman in Harbour Grace. He had a wife named Eleanor who died in 1776. Subsequently, he married Alice MARTIN, who died in 1780 along with their five-month-old daughter. In 1781, John set up his own fishing operation (plantation) in Upper Island Cove and married again, this time to SARAH VOKEY. John died in 1825 in Upper Island Cove.

He had one child with Eleanor.

i. John Coombs, b. 1776. (Other people – and I previously – have placed this son in other marriages, but the dates don’t make good sense. I am assuming that Eleanor died in childbirth while her baby John lived.) John married Jane CRANE of Upper Island Cove in 1803. His children were:

a. William Coombs. Married Clara Mercer.
b. John Coombs. Married Mary Ann Young; had a daughter Elizabeth.
c. Eleanor (or Ellen) Coombs
d. Nathaniel Coombs. Married Ann Lundrigan.
e. Patience Coombs. Married Israel Janes and had 4 sons.

Children of his marriage to Alice Martin:

i. James Coombs, b. 1778
ii. Dinah Coombs, born and died 1780.

Sarah Vokey was probably from Jersey in the Channel Islands. She had probably emigrated to Newfoundland with her brother Philip. Children of John’s marriage to Sarah Vokey, all born in Upper Island Cove:

[2] i. Richard Coombs – see below

ii. George Coombs, b. 1789. I don’t know anything else about him. Possibly he didn’t survive into adulthood.

iii. Charity Coombs married William DROVER of Upper Island Cove. Her children were:

a. Aaron Drover (1805-1893) married Mary Ann Jones and had 5 children.
b. Thomas Drover (1811-1886) married Providence Jones and had 3 children.
c. William Drover (b. 1813) married Patience Barnes and had 4 children.
d. Charity Drover (b. 1814)
e. Jane Drover (1816-1897) married John Jones and had one son.
f. Richard Drover (b. 1817)
g. James Drover (1820-1898) married a woman named Elizabeth. They had at least ten children.

2. RICHARD2 COOMBS (John1) married MARY MINCHIONS of Bishop’s Cove, Newfoundland in 1811.

Richard inherited half of his father’s property. His children were all born in Upper Island Cove:

i. Diana Coombs, b. 1813. Married John GOULDING of Harbour Grace, Newfoundland.

ii. Sarah Coombs, b. 1814.

iii. Anne Coombs, b. 1819

iv. Elizabeth Coombs (1822-1896). Married Henry MERCER, Jr. (d. 1895). Her children were:

a. Elizabeth Mercer
b. Henry Mercer III
c. Elias Mercer (1847-1935). Married Jane Greeley and had 9 children.
d. William Mercer
e. Elijah Mercer (1849-1929). Married a woman named Mary and had many children.
f. Mary Ann Mercer.

v. Mary Coombs, b. 1822. (I don’t know if she was twins with Elizabeth, or just at opposite ends of the year.) She married William MERCER.

vi. Alexander Coombs (1824-1914). His children were:

a. Archibald Coombs
b. Isadora Coombs, b. 1866. Married George Lundrigan and had 3 children.

[3] vii. Richard Coombs, Jr. See below.

viii. William Coombs married Martha SMITH of Bishop’s Cove.

3. RICHARD3 COOMBS (Richard2, John1) was born in 1829 in Upper Island Cove. Richard died 23 January 1922 in Bishops Cove.

Richard Coombs was a laborer. He was married and had at least five children, but I don’t know who his wife was.  In his old age, Richard Coombs went to live with his daughter Elizabeth Smith. His children were:

i. Henry Coombs (1856-1938). Married Emma GRIFFIN, who may have been Roman Catholic, and moved to Spaniard’s Bay. Their children, born in Spaniard’s Bay, were:

a. Richard Patrick Coombs (1887-1967). Married Anne Noseworthy and had 5 children.
b. Thomas Coombs (1891-1962 in Corner Brook). Worked for the telegraph company. Married Mary Finn and had 5 children.
c. Henry F. Coombs (1890-1964). Married Susanne Brazil and had 7 children.
d. Kenneth Francis Coombs (1894-1983 in Corner Brook). Married Sarah Williams and had 11 children.
e. Mary Coombs (1897-1907)
f. James Francis Coombs (1900-1946). Married and had 3 children.

ii. Elizabeth Coombs, b. 1864 in Bishop’s Cove. Married laborer Isaac SMITH, b. 1862 in Bishop’s Cove. They had 5 children, born in Bishop’s Cove:

a. William Smith, b. 1892. Married Flora Sheppard (b. 1893).
b. Elsie Isabel Smith, b. 1894. Married David Clarke (d. 1929).
b. Elijah Smith (1897-1961). Married Susannah Menchions (b. 1902).
c. Flora Smith, b. 1900
d. Mary Smith, b. 1902. Married Levi Lynch and had 7 children. Second marriage to Moses Drover.

ii. Ann Eliza Coombs, b. 1866 in Upper Island Cove. In 1887, she married fisherman Austin MERCER (b. 1863 in Upper Island Cove). They may have moved to Grand Falls, Nfld. Their children were born in Upper Island Cove.

a. Lavinia Jane Mercer, b. 1890
b. Harriet Ann Mercer, b. 1892. Married Murdock Jewer (1880-1956) from Burnt Bay.
c. Eliza Mercer (1894-1896)
d. Maud Mercer (b. 1897). Married Newfoundlander John Adams and moved to Nova Scotia.
e. Bessie Mercer (b. 1902)
f. Austin Mercer (b. 1903)

iii. William Coombs was a fisherman born in 1869 in Harbour Grace. In 1891, he married PHOEBE PYNN (born 1868 in Mosquito, Newfoundland). They had at least five children, all born in Harbour Grace:

a. Elijah Coombs (1891-1984). Married Edith Martin.
b. Nellie May Coombs, b. 1892.
c. William Henry Coombs, b. 1896.
d. Richard Coombs, b. 1898
e. Hettie Coombs married Richard Hiscott.

[4] iv. Eli Francis Coombs, see below.

v. John Coombs, a fisherman in Upper Island Cove.

vi. Richard Coombs, d. 1939.

4. ELI FRANCIS4 COOMBS (Richard3, Richard2, John1) was born on 22 May 1873 in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland. On 9 November 1893, he married BRIDGET CLARE at the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Immaculate Conception in Harbour Grace. He died 16 November 1956 in East Boston, MA.

Eli Coombs

Eli Coombs converted to Roman Catholicism to marry seventeen-year-old Bridget Clare, which created a rift between him and his parents to the extent that he left their names off of his wedding certificate. There was much Catholic/Protestant strife in Newfoundland at the time. Eli and Bridget married less than a decade after the 1885 Harbour Grace Affray, in which which five people were killed in a riot provoked by an Orangemen’s parade. No doubt these social prejudices contributed to the family rift.

In 1919, Eli emigrated to the Boston area, where he worked as a ship’s carpenter. He sent for his wife and children in 1920, and they lived the rest of their lives in East Boston. My mother remembered him making model ships. Eli’s and Bridget’s children were:

i. Mary Coombs (1895-2001). Born in Harbour Grace, Mary emigrated to East Boston in 1914, before her father, and worked in a shoe factory in Lynn, MA. Her friend Nora O’Brian emigrated with her. They boarded with Mary’s Aunt Annie Clare Whalen and they ended up marrying brothers. On New Year’s Eve 1922, Mary married Bernard COSTIGAN of Harbour Main, Newfoundland in a church rectory in East Boston. They were my grandparents.

ii. Henry Francis Coombs, b. 1898 in Harbour Grace. He was said to be a wonderful singer. Married Cecelia SHEA of Pouch Cove, Newfoundland.

iii. Annie Coombs (1905-1937). She married Thomas BURKE.

iv. Eli Coombs (1907-1991). He married Irene BOUDREAU.

v. John Coombs, b. 1904. He married Annie MURRAY of Pouch Cove, Newfoundland.

vi. Alexander Coombs (1912-1998). Called Sandy. Served in WW2. He married Mary COSTIGAN of Harbour Main, Newfoundland, the daughter of Patrick Costigan and Nora O’Brian. So basically he married his eldest sister’s niece.

vii. William Coombs (1913-1976). Married.

viii. Edward Valentine Coombs (1915-1995). Called Val. Married a woman named Eleanor in East Boston, MA. They eventually relocated to Florida.

ix. Winifred Coombs (1917-1978). Winifred married Leo McCORMICK, was widowed, and remarried to Willard SWAN around 1960.

old fashioned town

Harbour Grace in 1911

Eli and Bridget Coombs

Mary Coombs and her little brother Frank

Winifred Coombs at her First Communion

little boys dressed up

Bill and Val Coombs

Mary Coombs Costigan

Frank Coombs (Henry Francis)

Elijah Coombs, son of William and Edith (Martin) Coombs

L to R: Elijah Coombs (much older than the picture above), his cousin Alexander (son of Eli), and his wife Edith

Photo credits: The photo of Upper Island Cove was found in several online locations; I’m not sure whose photo it is.

The photo of Harbour Grace is courtesy of the Centre for Newfoundland Studies Archives (Coll – 75, 5.05.159), Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s, Newfoundland. Detail from a photo by R. T. Parsons.

The other photos are my family photos.
Questions? Concerns? Contact information is on my About page, or leave a comment below!

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  1. Hi there I belive there is a link with our families

    My Great Great Grandfather was John Cooms Son of Richard Coombs dob Abt. 1830
    died Abt. January 1922

    please drop me a line I would love to find the connection
    Thanks Kevin

    • I have a great great grandfather that died in the coombs storm named john and i’m trying to make a connect who his wife was. I know his children was richard and mary. I’m trying to find out if richard was john father and john wife’s name. please reply.

    • kevin, my great great great grandfather was john coombs who died in the storm of 1868. do you have any more information. My father was Lemoine coombs son of Whitney who married gertrude crane who was son of john who married matilida who was son of the man who had smothered in the storm which was john . I’m hoping to find out who this john married and who was his mother and father. I hope someday to find out. thank you

      • Hello….My name is Ronda Gosse….(Thorne)….My father would of been 67 june 20 past…his mother passed away giving birth to him….his father was James Drover of Upper Island Cove, James resting place is next to the building of the Anglican Cementary ( I believe)… UIC….Didnt get to know my grandfather, but he did get to know us, he passed away after 1978, any info on him would be appreciated. I believe he was married to a woman named Edith.

        • HI Ronda, Your dad and I were 1st cousins.His mom was my dad’s sister Edith Coombs.She died in childbirth .Her baby boy was called after her one of her brother’s our uncle Ken.I also have a brother Ken he just turned 67 in March.Your grandfather was uncle Jimmy Drover, He was a good man and always so proud of your dad and your family. He always talked about Ken and would show me pictures when I would visit him at the Senior’s Home.I knew your mom and dad and attended your dad’s funeral.

  2. my grandparents were Walter and Effie (Drover) Coombs of Upper Island Cove.
    Poppy’s parents were John and Elizabeth (Crane) Coombs.
    I like your information, very interesting.

  3. My grandparents are also Nath and Mary Coombs.Bobby is my first cousin. Could you let me know if you know anymore about our family.

    • This is all the information I have. Mary Coombs Costigan, above, was my grandmother. So obviously I know about my aunts and uncles, but I’m not putting their info online as most of them are still alive! :) I didn’t really know my mother’s cousins at all.

  4. Hi, My grandparents were Nath and Mary Coombs (Lundrigan). Wade and Bobby are my cousins, I was named after my mothers (Evelyn) brother Hayward which is Wade Coombs father.

  5. emily please email me my email is my mother is patricia coombs perkins who parents were john coombs and annie murray,eli coombs was my grandfathers brother and i rember a white house in maine and visiting the costigan family but i was very young.eli used to visit us alot i also rember a frank coombs. thanks

  6. I was in Upper Island Cove yesterday & took all the pictures of the Coombs headstones I could find. I haven’t figured out how we’re all connected, but I plan to work on it soon. Please feel free to e-mail me:
    I’m related to Kenneth Coombs who married Emma Griffin.

    • Kenneth Coombs was Emma Griffin-Coombs and Henry Coombs’s son! You did not get Henry and Emma Griffin-Coombs’ headstone (I take it) if you were checking only Upper Island Cove. Am I correct? I do know where they are buried!

  7. Does anyone have any info on the Cumbys of Heart’s Content, Newfoundland. I am interested in Francis Cumby who was a shipbuilder. He is my great-great-grandfather Cindy

  8. Brilliant job! I am related to the Vokey’s and have done quite a bit of work on Sarah Vokey and John Coombs family.

    I’ll e-mail you to share some thoughts!

    Cheers, Cary

    • Hi Cary,
      I am researching my great grandmother Mary Esther Elizabeth Coombs born between 1853 and 1857. She married Edward Russell and they lived in St Johns together.
      Someone has kindly pointed out that a Mary Esther was a witness at Anne Eliza’s marriage so I think there is a relation to this family I just am not sure how. Could she possibly be a missing sister of Anne’s?
      Has your Vokey/ Coombs research gone down this far?

      Many thanks,


    • Hi Cary
      I am related to john coombs family and I am doing a family tree. Wondering what you might have and if you know anything about the John Coombs that smothered in the storm with his two children Richard and Mary in 1868.


    • Hi Cary
      Just wondering how much info you have on the Vokey family. I have a gg granfather John Coombs and I am looking for info.

    • Hi Cary

      I’m a Coombs from U.I.C and I was wondering if you had any information on the family tree for John Coombs and Emily Vokey.


    • Hi Cary
      I was wondering if you had any information on John Coombs and Emily Vokey. I would appreciate anything you might have because my ancestors are from John Coombs’ family.

  9. I love reading through this website. I feel like Alice in Wonderland!! My mother of course is Joan Taylor nee Coombs 1932-2008 and I miss her terribly. My grandfather was Thomas Coombs, son of Henry Coombs and Emma Griffin. I feel so close to Mom when I read through this and I can’t thank you enough for all the work you’ve put into this. Thank you Kevin. Kim Taylor

  10. my husband is also from henry coombs to james coombs to edward coombs to henerita coombs then it’s john my husbsnd if you want more info on james and his childern i can help email me

  11. Hello Emily,

    A Coombs married in to one of my families in the Flower’s Cove area! This family appears to be from Alton Pancras in Dorset. At least some of them. I haven’t got it all figured out yet but I’m wondering if they weren’t in Coomb’s Cove , Bay de l’Eau on the South Coast prior to going to the Northern Peninsula! Some of the South Coast Families migrated in that direction> This may also be a clue to where your family is from!. Try this site if you want to pursue the Dorset search!

    Take Care,
    Les Winsor

  12. Great work. You solved a few things for me. I am related to this family through the second John Coombs who married Jane Crane. Their daughter Patience Coombs and husband Isreal Janes then their son William Janes who married Annie Drover are all my direct ancestors. I wish I could locate pictures of my ancestors, though my great uncle thinks he has a picture of Annie Drover who was his great grandmother. She lived to be 94 and died in 1930. She was my great-great-great grandmother. Thanks for posting this!!

  13. Hi, My name is Lorelei Coombs-Kelly and my grandfather was Richard Coombs from Upper Island Cove. He married Mary Reid and had 3 children: Richard, Kathleen and Keith. He served during WWII in the British Navy. My dad is Richard Frank Coombs and my brother is Richard Blair Coombs. Would love to know how we all fit together. Fasinating.

    • Hi Lorelei, I would also love to sort out the Upper Island Cove Coombs group! Thanks for posting; I hope we eventually find a connection!

  14. Hi Emily, What an interesting site. I’m interested in the Drover connection.Charity married William Drover. Aaron and Thomas are my ancestors.They both married Jones’s. Wondering what you might have on them. My grandfather Drover and grandmother Drover were said to be double cousins so I’m trying to find out if Providence Jones and Maryann Jones may have been sisters hence making my grandparents cousins. .You can email me if you wish.

    • Hi Daphne, All of my Drover info came from a family website to which I no longer have access, unfortunately. I don’t have documentation nor access to Upper Island Cove to check things out. I have posted your comment and your email below in case other readers who do have access want to get in touch with you. If you want your email taken down and you can’t just edit your own comment, let me know and I’ll take it down. Thanks for commenting, and if I find out more reliable info I’ll surely update the page.

      • I have Mary ane Jones DOB 1807 UIC and Provience DOB 1814
        so they may be sister
        I also have the Witness to her wedding as Arron Drover & Nathaniel Jones
        So there is a possability that they where sisters
        I will do more checking to see if I find anything else

        Anything else I can do please let me know

  15. My grandfather was also from Upper Island Cove. His name was Herbert Coombs, Father was Josiah Coombs, Mother Mary Drover. He was born about 1893 if memory serves me. If he is connected or you have any info, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Roy Germon

  16. My name is Michael Ryan and I am originally from Spaniards Bay; I am related to many of the Coombs from Brazils Hill, Ridge Road and of course the valley; as well the Coombs families in Riverhead Harbour Grace are connected. I have noted a portion of Coombs ancestry which speaks of Richard junior; being born 1829! It is implied that he was the father of Henry Coombs that married Emma Griffin and thus is the direct ancestor of my Coombs relatives that grew up in the valley….The date of his birth is incorect; because it is recorded in Church Records (through PANL) that I have seen which states that this Richard was “Protestant adult when he converted to Catholicism in 1829!!!!!

    • This is really interesting. I must admit that now that I look at my records they give 1830 rather than 1829 for Richard Coombs Jr.’s birth. My source, though, is just a calculation based on his given age in the 1921 Newfoundland census, where he was an elderly man living with his married daughter.
      Richard Jr.’s relationship to Henry Coombs who married Emma Griffin: My information came from Randall Mercer’s website, to which I no longer have access. I can’t prove that they’re related!
      I am fascinated that you say that Richard Jr. was a Catholic convert. His son Eli (my great-grandfather) was a Roman Catholic convert, which was recorded in his 1893 marriage record at PANL. So the family switched back and forth between Church of England and Catholicism?

  17. I would also appreciate any assistance on information concerning JAmes Coombs (said to be of Tilton, Conception Bay) that emigrated to Canada and was “Chief of Police”.

  18. I am a COOMBS! I am very interested in finding out about my family history. I live In North Carolina. Any of idea of how the Coombs’ got here? Ive never met another person with my last name who wasnt related. Where im from in Wilmington NC, my family are the only Coombs’ here. Could we be related????? Interesting…….

    • I don’t think the Newfoundland Coombses are related to the North Carolina Coombs, but as I don’t know anything about the North Carolina Coombs, I can’t be sure!

  19. My father, Azariah Coombs born 1993 and now retired/living in Upper Island Cove again, is the son of John and Ida (nee Greely) of Upper Island Cove…they also had 4 daughters, Suzanna (Miller), Bertha (Lundrigan) Sadie (Young) and Ruby (Mercer)….love Upper Island Cove…many childhood summer memories!

  20. If there is anybody that can help.
    I’m from South Africa, my first ancestor, Thomas Coombs who came as a British Immigrant between 1850- 1858(?) to Natal, South Africa as a settler on the ship “Lady Bruce” which sailed from London on 16 February 1850 and Portsmouth on 25 February 1850. He was, apparently, a blacksmith by trade and is noted as being born c. 1830 but, unfortunately, there is no indication as to where in England he was from or who his parents was.

  21. hi do you know if this is the same family line of Robert Commbs (1827) of carbonear newfoundland who married elizabeth clarke.. ?

  22. Hello, my name is Marilyn Coombs, I am married to Stephen P. Coombs, son of Alexander (Sandy) Coombs and Mary Coombs (daughter of Nora O’Brien). I found this blog by accident and I am very fasinated and excited by what I have read. I have been researching to see if I could find any information/stories that Mary Coombs might not know about as we are having a 90th birthday party for her this month. If you have any stories about the Coombs/O’Brien family that you would like to share, I would love to hear from you. Please contact me before her party, June 24. I look forward to hearing from someone soon. Thank you!

    • hi marilyn,are you related to any of the yetman’s. I when on a yetman family tree site and found out that john coombs who died in 1944 was related to the yetmans. suzanna coombs married to john yetman was john coombs daughter. do your mother know anything about john jr. and matilida. he was john coombs son . We think john jr. was born 1866 two years before the storm. The yetman tree site said that suzanna’s father was born around 1836. Do mary know anything about this story. please reply . thank you in advance.I am interested in finding out who john coombs wife was and when he was born to make a connection to the john that married eleanor , alice or sarah.

    • Hello Emily, Regarding Marilyn’s post about being married to Stephen, I am married to John McCormick, son of Winifred Coombs McCormick, I remember Uncle Sandy well, I wished we had known about Aunt Mary’s birthday party. We have all been wondering how and where she is. We always exchanged Christmas cards but haven’t seen any for the last couple of years and we were worried about her. I also found this post by accident, I just recently tried to build a family tree and found your information to be so helpful. I basically am looking for information on Leo McCormick, he was John’s father. He died in 1949 but that is all the information I can dig up. If I could get in touch with one of his siblings it would be great but I’m not even sure any of them are still alive. Thank you.

      • Hi Sheila,
        I was glad to see you linking up on Ancestry. The more the merrier. I’m afraid I don’t know any more about Leo McCormick; I haven’t really looked because I’m not very closely related to him — he’s my grandaunt’s husband. If I run across any information I’ll be sure to share it though. Take care!

  23. hi i am looking for more information on robert coombs born around 1803 in carbonear (married a Elizabeth Clarke) on Nov 18th 1827. I am wondering who Robert Coombs father and mother was and any Native Indian Connection

  24. My father was born in Terrenceville, Nfld Birth(1936) I do know that his mothers name was Mary (Clarke) Coombs. She was the second wife of Henry Coombs and they had 5 children . Henry Coombs (my grandfather) also had 5 or 6 children with his first wife who I believe her name was Mary also. (She was from English Harbor, as far as I know)
    I would really appreciate any info if any one has any so I can start my search. I am having a hard time because my father left Newfoundland when he was 13 and doesn’t really remember much .
    Thanks if u can help me…..

    • Hi Brenda
      i was born in Terrenceville, My GG Grandfather’s name is John Henry Coombs b.1891, HIS brother is William Coombs his first wife was Mary Clarke. children I have listed are Patrick Joseph(Pattie Joe) Mary Helen, Robert, Charles, Charlotte, Selena, William….His 2nd wife was Anne Hunt, if this is a connection, you can e mail me cco

  25. I am sorry I forgot to leave my father s name (Charles Henry Coombs ) His oldest sister just passed away last year (Selena Coombs Hickey) I am not too sure of the others names. thank you again My name is Brenda Coombs Ranger.

  26. Interesting site! I am looking for information on Herbert Jones, born in Upper Island Cove about 1876. He married Rosannah Goulding of Gambo, and lived in Whitbourne. I am trying to locate the names of his parents. If anyone has any information, please share.

    • Hi Garry, just came across your post today. Herbert & Rosannah were my grandparents. Wondering if you have been able to gather the information you were looking for over a year ago? If not, I can help. I don’t have the information on hand at the moment, but if you wish to contact me via email I can either get it for you, or put you on to someone in the family who has it.

  27. Your research is very interesting. Your family may have owned my ancestors. I’m African American and as far as I know my father’s family was from the West Indies. He knew little about his father’s family because his mother left his father when he was only a few years old. My dad was Herbert Alonzo Coombs, Jr. born August 1, 1932 at Harlem Hospital, New York, NY. Good luck with your search.

    • Hi Shanda! Thanks for posting. My Coombs ancestors were mostly poor fishermen in a small fishing village. I don’t think they owned any slaves, although I don’t know about larger shipping operations in Newfoundland. I don’t know of any West Indian connections, which is not to say that they don’t exist. I wonder if you have looked at the Combs-Coombs &c page ? I don’t link to them as they have very little to say about Newfoundland Coombs families, but they are tracing Coombs and Combs families worldwide. Good luck with your search!

    • Shanda: My name is Nick Coombs, My Uncle and his biological father were both named Herbert Alonzo Coombs, and that whole side of my family is from Queens. It’s very possible, verging upon the probable, that you and I are cousins.

      Emily: I’ve also long held that we are partially of Dutch West Indies (Jamaican) descent, which might explain the connection to your family. Though probably my diasporian ancestors were owned by yours, miscegenation was common and so it is very, very likely that we carry the same blood to a degree. It’s funny what you find online at 3am…..

  28. Hi I am a Coombs from Portugal Cove South on the Southern Shore, my great grandfather is Patrick Coombs. I am currently researching the Coombs line in England and plan on visitng there in the future. Are you familiar with the Coombs” from the southern shore and if so what have you learn?

      • Hi Emily, my family is from Portugal Cove South it is near Cape Race on the Southern Shore, we have a huge family of Coombs’ there and have since found out that in England Coombs is the name of one one the towns there, also one of the US presidents John Adams family married a Coombs from England. My Greatgrandfather is pictured and named in history books for his great courage and strength in saving numerous ship wrecked people along the cape race coast, from drowning the story is very impressive , it was in the 1877. His name was Patrick Coombs. Any information would be great.

        • Hi Sheryl, my Coombs family come from Terrenceville, Fortune Bay, on the NL. south coast….my GG grandfather was Samuel Coombs b 1882, I’m told they come from Dorset, England…any info. would be great fully appreciated

    • Hey everyone, Im looking for information on The Coombs of Newfoundland. My wife was a Coombs and i have researched my family and now on to hers. Theres not much known about her side of the family, other than her grandfather is Rev. Heubert Coombs married to Annie and live in Stephenville. There son is Derek and his daughter/my wife is Tara, He did come from out toward St. Johns somewhere but i have no idea. Any thoughts?

  29. Please email me ( I am a Coombs. My paternal family comes from South West England and we have quite a lot of genealogical information. I now live in the USA.

  30. I dont Annie’s last name, Hubert is a minister with the Anglican church in Stephenville, NL and Huberts Mother was Elizabeth born in 1905. I believe Hubert is in his 70’s, Oh, Is mother was a Kearley from Patrick Harbor. Thanks for the help everyone.

  31. Hi I am looking for more information on a robert coombs (carbonear, Newfoundland) who married a elizabeth clarke 18 nov, 1827 in newfoudland. Any information on his parents would be appreciated

  32. Hi, my great grandfather was Thomas Coombs who married Ellen Fitzpatrick, they lived in Hearts Desire, are we connected

  33. Kathleen, my biological grandmother on my fathers side was Edith (Coombs) who married a man named James Drover in UIC….she passed away giving birth to dad.

  34. Hi My name is Edyth Coombs my Dad was Herbert William Coombs the second My Grand Dad was Herbert William Coombs and He was Married to Edyth Coombs had two daughters toosie and Joan My Dad was Herbert William Coombs the second married Virgina Doally their children Herbert William Coombsthe third Patricia Cicelia Coombs and Edyth Mae Coombs that would be me Any information would help I heard of a Coombs Hill in England my Grand Dad told us about.

  35. Hi Emily. I e-mailed you a couple of years ago – before this website. I am one of five granddaughters of Henry Francis and Cecelia Coombs of East Boston. Henry and Cecelia had six children: three girls (Marguerite [my mother], Bridget, and Barbara); and three boys (John, Richard, and Lawrence). My parents moved to South Jersey in the early 50s. I am now living in Northern Alabama. Thank you and anyone else responsible for compiling the Coombs history. It’s wonderful to see pictures of ancestor I never knew existed. God bless.

    • Hi Kathy, It’s so great to hear from you. My mother Winifred Costigan was your mother’s cousin. My grandmother Mary Coombs Costigan was your grandfather’s sister. So we’re second cousins! :) Thanks for getting in touch.

  36. I realize that this is more for Coombs family however if I may allow me to pose a question to SERENA who touched on Vokey research. “Would you have any info on Diana Vokey who married Michael Brazil of Spaniards Bay, Nfld?” Of course I do have Coombs connection to the family which I have spoken of in this site. I am still awaiting to have a reply about James Coombs of Tilton, Newfoundland who emograted to British Columbia and became a Local Police Chief.

  37. Sorry but I don’t have any information on Diane Vokey, my connection and research is with the Coombs’ family. If anyone has anything on John Coombs of Upper Island Cove that died in a snowstorm in 1868 I would like to hear what you have .

  38. Serena I am interested in Coombs also; both paternally andmaternally for me. It was a Vokey that married another relative that I was questioning about because you mentioned that surname. In 1868 (on that February day) this John Coombs was one of the five family members that perished? My Uncle John Coombs (sort of ironically) told me of that incident in 1969; he owned all of the property south – southwest of the site when (oral tradition) stated it occured. In 1972 (a few years later) on an afternoon I was swimming near the area a young UIC lad named GREGORY “Greg” COOMBS was drown while he was swimming. I believe Greg’s dad was named WALTER if my memory serves me correct? There is a spot now named in honor of Greg…a park (where the latter occured).

  39. Happy Christmas To All!!!
    I have begun my New mystery for 2014 and I’m hoping someone may have any information regarding James Francis Coombs 1899 -1946
    Married Miss Angus Flynn and they had a few children Francis, Adrian, Ursula Bernice and Edward James
    I have NO information and was hoping to fill in that branch of our very large tree
    Thanks so much

  40. Hi Gerry; Henry and Emma where my great great Great parents James was one of there children . May I ask what information you are looking for

  41. Hi Kevin
    I am researching both my wife’s and my family trees. She is descended from the Coombs lineage of Upper Island Cove. As I have just a little on this line I would like to fill it out. Can print you a descendant tree file if you are interested. Would probably have to send it offsite, would you like to share

  42. My great grandfather was Edgar Noseworthy, b 1841. I can’t a record of his birth, but know his father was Jacob. There are several Jacobs around. One did have a sister Mary. I keep on getting more and more DNA hits for Coombs and Mercers. Do you happen to know who Mary Noseworthy’s parents were?

    I loved reading you site! Thanks for posting it!


  43. Hi, My 4th great grandfather was Philip Vokey born abt 1755. His sister Sarah was married to John Coombs and I’ve always wanted to know abt. her decendants. Thank you so much for sharing your Coombs ancestry.

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