My great-grandmother’s brother James Deasy (1867-1918) kept a journal that included a family history. It starts out like this:

June 10th, 1895 Cambridgeport U.S.A.

To whom it may Concern

One morning in the year of our Lord, 1867, Was born the Author of these lines But as fair fortune has not favoured me with Enough education to enable me to write a Family History while having Abundant material for the same I will write it in plain words & hope for someone that may be able to copy & correct this account if any misplaced words should occur. Such an account has been sadly neglected by so Old a family as ours has been. While I am sure there has been several in the family capable of writing a complete family History.

I will therefore relate as I find them the stories told by my father, Grandfather & Granduncle both now dead. My Granuncle was a fairly well Educated man and always took an active interest in the family. But for some reason or other he has never left us any information concerning our Forefathers or relations other than the fireside talks so common in the South of Ireland.

According to my Grandfather his Grandfather was one Bernard Deasy which in his youth owned a Farm in Carbery, County Cork, Ireland. But on account of his love of native land was forced to fly to France leaving a young Wife & 3 children to struggle for existance amid persecutions & Poverty which must surely follow.

Whether he was Shipwrecked or murdered is not known but . . . nothing was ever heard of the banished Bernard.

There follow several generations of Deasys who marry nameless women and emigrate around the world never being heard from again. There are instances of the “three sons emigrate but two are lost” motif. I have no way to check his information.  But for now, I am going to pick up here with the information which seems more solid: James’s parents and grandparents.

1. JAMES DEASY1 married ELLEN CROWLEY around 1800. Both were from County Cork, Ireland. They had the following children, all born in Co. Cork:

[2] i. JAMES DEASY – see below.

ii. Mary Deasy – emigrated to the US and eventually settled in California

iii. Ellen Deasy – emigrated to the US and eventually settled in California

iv. Margaret Deasy – emigrated to the US and eventually settled in California, where she married a man from Limerick, Ireland named Brown. They had 4 children.

v. Catherine “Cate” Deasy – married John Sullivan from West Cork and emigrated to Cambridge, Massachusetts. Their children were:

a. Michael Sullivan. Did not emigrate with the rest of the family but stayed in Ireland.
b. Ellen Sullivan married Arthur Seaverus from Scituate, Mass. She died in 1944 in Brookline, Mass.
c. Dennis Sullivan. Married a woman named Fraser. Died in 1921 in Massachusetts.
d. Margaret Sullivan married Daniel Lehane from Co. Cork. Lived in Clinton, Mass.
e. Patrick Sullivan emigrated to the US via Manchester, England.
f. James Sullivan. Emigrated to the US, worked as a logger and disappeared after 1920.

vi. Patsy Deasy

vii. another boy Deasy

viii. another boy Deasy

2. JAMES DEASY2 (James1) married HONORA MCCARTHY from Aherlow, Co. Cork in Ireland about 1866. Their children were born in Co. Cork:

i. James Deasy, b. 1867 in Carrigtohill. Died 1918 in Cambridge, Mass. He wrote the family history quoted above.

ii. MARGARET TERESA DEASY3 (James2, James1), b. 4 March 1872 in Bandon, Cork. Emigrated to Massachusetts in 1890. She lived in Cambridge, Mass. and worked as a maid. Married JOHN JAMES HEGARTY of Cork on 23 April 1895 in Somerville, Massachusetts. They had 9 children, all born in Cambridge, Mass., among them my grandfather Michael Hegarty. You can read about them over on the Hegarty page.

iii. Patrick Deasy, b. abt. 1874. Died in Ireland in 1951. Had a son named James.

iv. Timothy Deasy, died in the First World War. There is so much conflicting information here that I can’t narrow it down more than that.

v. Jeremiah Deasy, b. abt. 1880 in Co. Cork. Died in a work accident, 1926.

vi. Honora Deasy, (1881-1944). Married James Murray. Had 7 sons, one of whom, James, died in World War II. I can’t find his record, but supposedly he died at Normandy.

vii. Michael Deasy died as a little boy.

viii. Cornelius Deasy died in a work accident in his early 40s.

ix. Ellen Deasy died as an infant.

10 thoughts on “Deasy

  1. I found an interesting letter on written by James Deasy. After reading the letter, I’m still not sure where to go from here. I’ve found information about Patrick Deasy coming to America.
    My grandfathers family came from Cork, Ireland and settled first in California and Nevada during the Gold Rush, and then moved to Riggins, Idaho and continued mining. My grandfather lived in this area also.

  2. That page is very interesting; thanks for sharing the link. I cannot see any link between my Deasys and the ones in Idaho, but I don’t have much solid information on my older Deasy generations.

  3. I just started looking into my family’s history and my Great Grand Father’s name was Jeremiah Deasy and he was married to an Elizabeth Hickey, I believe they were married in New York. I am trying to find out where he came from in Ireland. We are planning a trip to Ireland next year and would love to visit his birth place.

    • My grandfather, Patrick Deasy, was from Cork, Ireland. He came to the U.S. and lived in pittsburgh, pa. He married Esther Flanigan and together they had seven children.

      • My ggggrandfather, Daniel Deasy (Dacey), put an ad in the Boston Pilot in 1858 looking for his brothers Michael & Jeremiah who lived in PA – I know it’s a long shot, but I don’t have a lot of information. Daniel married Margaret ? & they were from Bandon County Cork & lived in Boston.

  4. My Grandfather Jeremiah Deasy was born in Cork in 1900 or 01, he was one of 10 kids (maybe 11) I believe all of the boys were killed in the “troubles” and he came to NYC in the 1930’s or early ’40’s. He married Marjory Quinn and had 4 kids – William, Margaret, Daniel and Patricia. They are now in Idaho, NY, and California.

  5. Hi…anybody have records for Honnoria Deasy who married David Crowley (both from Cork, Ireland) in late 1830’s and had children: james, daniel, maragaret, katie, etc….i am the great great granddaughter of David Crowley.

  6. I have two gilt framed pictures by an artist named E. Deasy.
    The pictures are of Kilcrea Abbey and Glengarrif both in Co Cork.
    The frames were made by Guy and Co in Cork city and look to be either 19th century or early 20th perhaps.
    Would anyone know who this artist was?

  7. My grandmother was Mary K Deasey b. In Ireland 8.15.1897. Her parents were Edward and Catherine (McCarthy) Deasey.She came to America sometime before 1917 when my father was born. She went Bradford, PA because she had an older sister who had gone there before. Their father apparently gave them their diaries as passage in library lieu of marriage. I know nothing of sister except she was married and had at least one child because ny father remembers playing with that child vaguely. My father’s name is Francis Andrew O’Marrow. He may have been born in Chicago of immigrants James and Nora O’Marrow. I am not clear if my grandmother married my father’s father or not. The name she used on my father’s wedding license is Mary Brennan. My grandfather disappeared from their lives when my father was in 7th or 8th grade. They were living in Randolph BY at the time. I ..I’d find Ellis Island records of Mary Brennan around 1914 or 1915 , My grandmother may have lived in Montana when my dad was young. She may also have lived in CT before moving to BY. My father says he was not baptized in Catholic church until they moved to VT and he thinks he was six. Head an alter boy. As a young man he sang on the radio with another young man but after that man’s death, he stopped. My dad served in WW 2. I believe my grandmother may have come fro County Cork as there were Deacey and McCarthy there. Can anyone help with any information ‘re any of these people. BTW, my dad is still alive but is not forthcoming with any info.

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