First generation

1. WILLIAM1 FUREY is listed as a planter holding a fishing room in Harbour Main, Newfoundland as early as 1784. The records say he inherited the land from his father-in-law, but I don’t know who that was, nor who his wife was. I don’t know where or when William was born, although the name Furey is associated with the Channel Islands. I am also assuming that [2] JAMES2 FUREY was his son because James named one of his sons William, and they are the right age in the right place to be father and son. There was also a Thomas Furey in the area, perhaps William’sbrother, who was the right age, but James didn’t name any children Thomas. Obviously this is not rocksolid genealogical evidence, but this is the evidence that I have at present. So we proceed, for now.

Second generation

2. JAMES2 FUREY (William1) was a planter born in 1790 in Harbour Main’s Avondale neighborhood. In 1814 he married ELIZABETH LaCOUR of Harbour Main, the daughter of Edward and Mary (Hicks) LaCour. Their children were, I think:

[3] i. MARY FUREY – see below
ii.NICHOLAS FUREY, 1816-1866. Had children named Nicholas and Helen.
iii. CHARLES FUREY, b. 1822
iv. EDWARD FUREY, 1825-1856
v. JAMES FUREY, b. 1827. There are multiple James Fureys of this generation in the records and I don’t know which is him.
vi. ANNE FUREY, b. 1829 – twins?
vii. WILLIAM FUREY, 1829 – twins? According to a family tree on Ancestry.com, this William married a Sarah Flynn and had 7 children, but I don’t have any other documentation of that.

Third generation

3. MARY3 FUREY (James2, William1) b. abt. 1815 in Harbour Main, Nfld.; d. 1903 Harbour Main. Married abt 1840 THOMAS COSTIGAN of Harbour Main. See the Costigan page for more information.

6 thoughts on “Furey

  1. Furey,Fury,Fleury?

    • William Furey b Approx 1780 and lived to be at least 85 he had children:
    • John
    • Charles married Ann Mason on nov 24 1828 and had children:
    • William b sept 20,1829 m Sarah Flynn and had children:
    • Ann ,b 1860
    • Mary,b 1862
    • Sarah, b 1864
    • Charles,b 1867
    • Mary Bridget,b 1869
    • William,b 1872
    • John b Apr 17,1831(some confusion here as the US birth certificate has him died on jan 7,1925 at the age of 85, I believe he died at the age of 95 not 85? John married Mary Ann Meaney on may 16,1867 and had children :
    • Charles b1871,d 1956 married Mary F Dalton and had children:
    • James Frederick
    • Mary Ann married a Dennehy
    • (Helina) Mary Jane b1872 married a Johnson
    • William b 1875 marrried Mary Ann Mason on Oct 15 ,1902 and had children:
    • Wilbert,b 1912
    • George,b 1907
    • Leo,b 1916
    • Angela,b 1908
    • Mary,b 1910
    • Arthur, b 1918
    • Johanna b 1878(anne) married a Harris

    • James

    • Michael

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