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The current Hegarty page is here.

Here is the surname history for Hegarty from the Irish Ancestors site run by the Irish Times:

In Irish the surname is Ó hEigceartaigh, from eigceartach, meaning “unjust”. The name appears to have arisen first in the area now divided between counties Derry and Donegal, where the Ó hEigceartaigh were a branch of the Cinel Eoghain, that large group of families claiming descent from Eoghan, one of the sons of Niall of the Nine Hostages, the fifth century monarch who supposedly kidnapped St. Patrick to Ireland. However, today the surname is much more common in Co. Cork, at the other end of the country. Traditionally, the Cork (O’)Hegartys were claimed as a branch of the more historically prominent northern family, but ecertach was a common personal name in Munster, and it seems more likely that the surname arose separately there. At any rate, O’Hegartys are recorded in west Cork as early as the thirteenth century, and remain strongly associated with the area. (“Hegarty”)

My Hegarty family emigrated from Cork to Cambridge, Massachusetts and lived there and in the neighboring town of Somerville. There are several Hegarty families in this area, but the others are, so far as I know, unrelated to me.

1st & 2nd generations: me and my father

3rd generation: my grandfather:

Michael John Hegarty was born on 11 March 1898 in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. His parents were John James and Margaret Teresa (Deasy) Hegarty (MVR 1898).  According to the 1920 and 1930 census, he worked at printing presses. His World War I-era draft card indicates that at least for some time he worked at the Murray Printing Company in Cambridge.In 1925 he married Agnes Murphy of Cambridge (1930 Census). They had seven children. They lived on Beacon Street in Somerville. Sometime after 1930 Michael started working in the boiler room at the General Electric plant in Cambridge, where his father had worked in a more technical position (Hegarty, J.). In 1947, they moved to Bartlett Street in Somerville. Michael died of cancer on 15 October 1970 in Somerville, Massachusetts. (MDI, SSDI) [1] He is buried at the Puritan Lawn cemetery in Peabody, Massachusetts (Puritan).

guys posing

WW1 era friends photo. My grandfather Michael Hegarty (1898-1970) is on the far right.

4th generation: my great-grandfather:

Margaret (Deasy) and John Hegarty. Probably taken for their 50th wedding anniversary, at which time they renewed their vows.

John James Hegarty was born on 15 December 1867 in Gillabbey Lane in Cork City, Ireland. [2] His parents were Michael and Ellen (Cronin) Hegarty. He was baptized in St. Finbar’s Roman Catholic Church; his godparents were Thomas Murphy and Julia Cronin. Family lore had it that prior to emigrating John served in the British Army, and I have found a UK War Office record for a Pvt. J. Heggarty who served with the Royal Malta Artillery in the Sudan Campaign from 1884-1886. In April 1890 he emigrated to Boston, Massachusetts aboard the Cephalonia (Boston). On 24 April 1895, he married Margaret Teresa Deasy in Somerville, Massachusetts, probably at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church (MVR 1895). From reading the censuses of the next 30 years, we see that the young family moved around quite a bit between rentals in Cambridge. John began working as a stoker but eventually became an engineer at Cambridge Electric. In 1930, he was still working as an engineer and had bought a multi-family house on North Beacon Street in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston. [3]  John died on 20 June 1947 in Brighton, Massachusetts. (Hegarty, H.)

John had the following children (3rd generation):

  • Helen Frances Hegarty b. 1896 Cambridge, MA, d. 1970 Brighton, MA. (1900 census, SSDI). She kept a family history notebook which was helpful to this current project.
  • Honora Agnes Hegarty b. 1897 Cambridge, MA, m. 1922 John J. Cauley of MA, d. 1984 Beverly, MA (1900 census, 1920 census, SSDI, MDI)
  • Michael John Hegarty, see above
  • Theresa Helen Hegarty b. 1899 Cambridge, MA, m. 1923 William Williamson of England, d. 1995 Foxboro, MA (1900 census, 1930 census, MDI, SSDI)
  • James Leo Hegarty b. 1901, d. 1952 Cambridge, MA (1910 census)
  • Margaret Mary Hegarty b. 1902 Cambridge, MA, m. 1924 Charles Sjosdedt of MA, d. 1987 Somerville, MA (MDI, 1930 census)

    old-fashioned woman

    Margaret Hegarty Sjosdedt

  • Joseph Thomas Hegarty b. 1904 Cambridge, MA, m. 1928 Anne McHugh, d. 2002 Wellesley, MA (1910 census, MDI, SSDI)
  • William Lawrence Hegarty b. 1909 Cambridge, MA, m. 1934 Mary Christine Sullivan, d. 1980 Brighton, MA (1910 census, SSDI)
  • Francis Augustine Hegarty b. 1916 Cambridge, MA, m. 1947 Edna Ritterbush of Boston, MA, d. 1995 Brockton, MA (MDI, SSDI, 1930 census, Find A Grave)

5th Generation

Michael Hegarty was born in Cork in November 1849. (St. Finbar’s). His parents were Julia (Fitzgerald) and John Hegarty. Michael married Ellen Cronin on 28 July 1866 at Ss. Peter & Paul Roman Catholic Church in Cork City, Ireland. He worked as a laborer. (Ireland Marriages)

Michael had the following children (4th generation):

  • John James Hegarty, see above.
  • Julia Hegarty b. 1869 Cork City, Ireland, emig. 1890, m. 1894 in New York City to Thomas King of England (Ireland Births, 1900 census)
  • Ellen Hegarty, b. 1871, Cork City, Ireland. (Ireland Births)
  • Cornelius Hegarty b. 1873 Cork City, Ireland. (Ireland Births)
  • Elizabeth Hegarty b. 1875 Cork City, Ireland, m. Michael Phipps of Cork City (St. Finbar’s, Ireland Births, Census of Ireland 1901)
  • Lena Hegarty b. 1875 Cork City, Ireland, emig. Massachusetts 1892, m1 Robert Foster of Massachusetts, div.; m2 1900 Frank Daniels of Massachusetts (1900 census, 1910 census) [4].
  • Daniel Hegarty b. 1877 Cork City, Ireland (Ireland Births)
  • Hanora Hegarty b. 1878 Cork City, Ireland (St. Finbar’s, Ireland Births)
  • Michael Hegarty b. 1880 Cork City, Ireland (St. Finbar’s)
  • Family papers name another six children for this marriage, all of whom are said to have died young. The names are Patrick Hegarty, Jeremiah Hegarty, Timothy Hegarty, Mary Kate Hegarty, Albina Hegarty, and Margaret Hegarty.

6th Generation

John Hegarty was born in Ireland, probably in Cork. He married Julia Fitzgerald in Cork City on 12 Jan 1849 (St. Finbar’s). He was named in his son Michael’s marriage record.


1. Michael John Hegarty’s birth information is derived from Massachusetts vital records compiled by the Massachusetts State Archives and placed online by Ancestry.com , AmericanAncestors.org, and FamilySearch.org, and also from the US census for 1900 and 1910. Various spellings of his name in official records include Hagerty and Haggerty. AmericanAncestors.org, administered by the New England Historic Genealogical Society, presents the database Massachusetts Vital Records, 1841-1910, which I will abbreviate in parenthetical citations as MVR followed by the year of the record. Michael John Hegarty’s death is derived from personal knowledge and from the death indices of the Massachusetts Department of Health Services (abbreviated MDI) and the Social Security Administration (abbreviated SSDI).

2. John James Hegarty’s birth information is derived from his birth certificate and St. Finbarr’s parish records.

3. The 1930 census shows a Burke family as renters at the same address.

4. Lena Hegarty’s birthdate is calculated from the age she gave on the census, so that while it may conflict with her sister’s birthdate here, there is probably wiggle room.

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33 thoughts on “Outdated Hegarty Page

  1. Hi there,
    I don’t think they are related, but I’m looking for information on a Joseph Hegarty, Physician, who lived at 5 Elston Street in Somerville, MA in 1920. Parents were Jeremiah and Elizabeth I believe. Born about 1886. Have you happened to come across any information about him in your search. I currently live at 7 Elston and have been doing some research about the surrounding area. I’m interested in photographs of his or our residence from the time and curious as to whether his practice was there.

    Thanks so much!
    Lauren Hopper

    • Jeremiah Burke? He also died in the Titanic 1912. Along with his cousin Hanora “Nora” Hegarty.. Who did not marry and die in New York. This site is invalid. Honestly people..

  2. Ummm i have a comment about Hanora Hegarty. She died on the Titanic in 1912, not survived and married. She was going to be a nun, as you know nuns dont marry. I dont know, just thought i would share that with you. Maybe you can fix it so your information isnt FAKE. :)

  3. Hey “Shea” – I have heard of the woman named Nora Hegarty on the Titanic. I have no evidence to suggest she is related to my family. There are many, many Hegartys, not all of them related. If you have evidence that Titanic Nora is the daughter of Michael and Ellen Hegarty, I’d love to hear about it.

    I don’t even have a Jeremiah Burke in my tree.

    As I state clearly in my “About” page, I am not a professional genealogist and I’m sure I have made mistakes in my research somewhere. I’m only presenting what I have as a work in progress; no one should rely upon a personal website. Nothing here, however, is deliberately fake, and I honestly don’t have any evidence to link my family to the Titanic disaster.

    You have a good day.

    • Em — obviously “Shea,” was up late watching Titanic and drunk websurfing simultaneously. I don’t see any mention of a “Burke,” in your blog. I know some people may find it difficult to understand but if one “googles,” the name Nora Hegarty you get 44,000 results. Hard to believe, huh? Imagine — the name Nora Hegarty being so common. How many hits would we get for “shea.” I venture quite a few.

      As always, the family loves and appreciates all of your good works as well as cousin Judy’s and other family historians. Your family history is just that — yours.

  4. Hi, I’m from one of those other Hegarty families that resided in Somerville and I was born in Cambridge.
    Many of the names you mention are so similar. Get back to me and we can exchange more.

  5. Hi, My name is Denise. My grandmother is Ann S Hegarty, she passed away in 1978. I know she was from Boston, she told me enough. My dad always talked about driving to Boston to see his grandmother’s grave. She had several brothers and sisters though I only knew a few of them. One was a priest in Jamaica, NY, his name was Jim, then her 2 sisters, Catherine and Elizabeth. I lived in Philadephia, but am actually coming to Boston this week to visit my neice at Wheelock on Wednesday for the holiday. My dad passed away last year or I would have more info, maybe. Not doing well the last few years. I just so happened to read your surname history on Hegarty. While my cousin was in Ireland, she found out that in the 5th century, we had an uncle that was a king. lol That makes us princesses. So from now on, be sure you are treated like on. I keep reminding my husband of that, but he just rolls his eyes. Now I find out we also kidnapped St. Patrick. We do have a spicy past. Hope to hear from you.

  6. Who was the Uncle that was a king? King what??
    My Grandmother was a Vears whose parents came from Lecestershire, England in 1887. Her name was Edna Rose. She was born in 1889 in Roxbury, Mass. She married John W. Hegarty in 1921 and had my father, John J. Hegarty on 5/31/1927 and my uncle Frederick C. Hegarty on 11/19/1928. All are deceased. Do you know any of the other brothers besides Jim? Could there have been a John? I don’t know much about my grandfathers “Hegarty” side. I know these Hegartys generated from County Cork.

  7. No idea who was king in the 5th century, just that he was king. My cousin would probably remember. She works strange hours and is asleep. I should be packing right now, but am on the computer instead.
    My great grandmother’s maiden name was Sullivan. When my grandfather passed away, she moved to Nova Scotia. My grandfather (not grandmother) is buried in Boston. My grandmother did have a brother John, and he did move to Phila. with her. I also know that she had 10 brothers and sisters. Her family is also from County Cork like all the other Hegartys.
    Well, off to pack. Looking forward to my trip to Boston, and the hockey game on Bruins/Flyers Hockey game on Saturday. We will be the one’s in the Flyers jerseys.

  8. Oooooh! I’m jealous of your trip to Boston. Have a wonderful time. I still want to know what King you are related to! I was related to a Sullivan by marriage. Boy these Irish get around. Will you be in Boston for St. Paddy’s Day?? I’m double jealous.

  9. Where did you find the immigration record? Our family has traced our Heagerty ancestor to Massachusetts (unsure about town) from County Cork. Would really like to be able to determine how William and his wife Mary with 2-year-old son James Thomas crossed the Atlantic in 1829 (we believe).

  10. I’m not really sure. There were about 50 kings in the 5th century. lol I do know that we go back to County Cork on the Hegarty side. I did find this: “Margaret: I found your message very interesting. My grandfather Jerome Joseph Hegarty’s mother was Catherine Sullivan who married William Hegarty and lived in Lynn, Massachusettes. I know they are from Cork. ” Possible connection here? My father’s name is Jerome Joseph and my aunt’s name is Catherine. (ancestry.com)
    On my grandmother’s side, “Sullivan” came from Maine, like in Plymouth Rock, Maine, so my grandmother said.

  11. Donna,
    Boston was wonderful, and yes, I did get to spend St. Patty’s day there. I had more fun, and the people were great! We even acted like tourists and rode took a tourist bus around the city! Denise

  12. That’s awesome. You remember I’m from Somerville, right outside of Boston? I went to school in Boston and worked there. I was back there for Christmas. One of the best cities on planet earth!

  13. Emily,
    This is really cool stuff, I would love ot hear more, What don’t you know about Nana H? I htought her name was Alyward?

    Also, Is my brother Jack really a Hegarty? He is very short.

  14. Hi Paul, how ya doin’? I have never heard the name Alyward — you mean instead of Agnes? My dad said that Papa H. used to call her Wagons instead of Agnes. I don’t know more about the Murphys because there are so many Murphys in the records that it’s hard to distinguish which ones are ours. I was happy I got them narrowed down to Kilkenny instead of “some Murphys, from somewhere in Ireland.”

    Maybe Jackie has a lot of Murphy in him. Or maybe your standards are too high :) Hope you are all doing well.

  15. Emily
    Just discovered your site. I am Paul Hegarty from Cambridge. My Grandfather William was married to Hannah McNamara Hegarty both from Cork? He ran a Blacksmith shop in Somerville near Beacon and Washington St. I have tried to establish Birth Bonafides for both without success. I have spent a little money in a couple of sites in Ireland.
    I was wondering if you have any leads on legitimate sites to use to find Baptism records. I beleive all of My Grandparents were not registered births which was common at that time but I beleive they were all baptised.
    Paul Hegarty

  16. I too have Hegarty Somerville/Cambridge connections. I’m in Cork myslef but have recently learned that two of my Sullivans emigrated and lived in Somerville in 1910 (census). One was married to a John J. Hegarty….they were married in Cambridge, Mass 16 Oct 1900.

    in 1910 they were living in Somerville, MA. In 1915, they were living in Hudson Ward 01, Columbia, NY. John was an blacksmith in Somerville and an ironworker (same thing?) in NY. In 1920, John is living in Hudson Ward 03 with the kids and his sister Catherine. He is listed as widowed. The same in 1925. In 1930 Catherine is living with James and Mary in Hudson. I don’t know where John is. In 1940 John is living James and Mary in Hudson.


    James Frank Hegarty was a printer in Hudson, NY in 1940. I don’t have any information for him past 1940.

    John Joseph Hegarty was born 14 Oct 1903 in Somerville, MA. Not sure what happened to him after 1925.

    Daniel Edward Hegarty was born 18 Jun 1905 in Somerville. He married Kathryn Whalen, had two children, and died in Charlotte, Mecklenburg, NC. 20 Jan 2001. One of their children was Lawrence W. Hegarty born 9 Nov 1937. In 1996 he was living in Naples, FL. I don’t know the other child’s names, must have been born after 1940. There is a family tree on Ancestry with Daniel and Kathryn showing two living children.

    Mary Agnes Hegarty was born 21 Jan 1907 in Somerville. She was still unmarried and living in Hudson, NY in 1959. She was working as a secretary.

    Lawrence Arthur Hegarty was born 14 Dec 1908 in Somerville. He died in Philmont, NY, 02 May 2000. I believe he married a Marie and the ran the Arthur and Marie Hegarty Foundation.

    Any connection? :)

  17. The only Sullivan I find connected to my Hegartys was Mary Christine Sullivan who was born in Ireland and died in Somerville, MA in April 1950. She was married to William Lawrence Hegarty, born 1909 in Cambridge, MA and died 1980 in Brighton, MA. I would love to find a connection between our families but I’m not seeing one as yet.

  18. Oh so close!!! Have you a date of birth for Mary?? Christine wouldn’t really fit as a middle name in my Sullivans, but it could be a name she adopted while in the US.

    • I don’t have any more information on her. Their children were my dad’s cousins, and that’s my only source for her is family knowledge: I don’t have documentation. My dad remembers that the family lived near him on Beacon St. in Somerville in the 1930s or 1940s. I will have to check the census when I have time.

  19. You have done a great job on all your research. How in the world did you find the time to find all this info. I just found your homepage and was so impressed. My name is Stephen, Grandson of William Lawrence Hegarty. Mary C Sullivan fathers name is James Sullivan, mothers name is Mary Kissane. Mary had 2 brothers James(Sheamus) and Michael. 2 sisters Shiela Sullivan Long and Hanora Sullivan. All the Sullivans came to this country in the 1920-1930 range from County Kerry. Uncle Sheamus passed away just a few years ago and always told my Mom(Nancy) stories growing up in Ireland. My Mom, Aunt Shiela, (daughters of Uncle Sheamus)Ann Marie and Deedee took strip to Ireland(County Cork and Kerry) and had a great time. My Mom has a bunch of old negatives from her dad after he passed but was to expensive to get them developed. I told her last night that I would love to see some of the photos,but she is afraid that we will not recognize most of the people. But with your knowledge of the Hegarty side maybe you or your family members will know some of the people. One last comment on the photo of John J and Margaret Deasy Hegarty, Margaret and Aunt Theresa Williamson look so much alike.

  20. Emily
    After lots of steps I received my Irish Citizenship and I am now filing an application for an Irish Passport. I have had a busy winter(work) so I have put aside my geneology efforts for a while. I am going to Ireland in September and hiring a boat to cruise the Shannon River for 11 days.I am going to spend a few days in the Cork area and do some more digging in the area of Skibbereen and Roscaberry. There are lots of Hegartys still living and working in that area.
    Paul Hegarty

  21. Paul, keep us informed about your trip. Sounds like the opportunity of a lifetime.
    I’m a former Hegarty from the Boston area. I’m living in California now. Take care.
    Donna (Hegarty) Orth

  22. Just found this site–very interesting! Especially interested in Hegartys from SW Cork, including Skibbereen and Rosscarbery. I have done quite a bit of work on these people. smhaggerty at shaw dot ca

  23. This is really interesting! My Dad was Jerome P. Hegarty and he died in 1993. His father worked in the Bank of Ireland and the family moved around a lot when they were young. My grandfather was married to Brigid O’Connor and she was born in Tralee in Co. Kerry. Her father owned a small factory there which made Dudeen pipes, the little white clay pipes that you often see women smoking in old photos from Ireland. The family names I see in your post are all very familiar to me too, my Dad had a sister called Agnes who died when she was a small child. One of his brothers is called Adrian which I think was unusual for the time?

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