First generation

1. JAMES1 KENNEDY was born in 1716 in Waterford, Ireland. He emigrated to Harbour Main, Newfoundland where he was a planter. He died there in 1776. His children were:

[2] i. JOHN KENNEDY see below
ii. PATRICK KENNEDY had children named James, John, Bridget, Elizabeth, and Mary.
iii. CATHERINE KENNEDY married 1777 to John Keaton.

Second generation

2. JOHN2 KENNEDY (John1) b. 1757 in Harbour Main, Newfoundland; died there in 1816. He was a planter in Harbour Main. Married about 1780 to a woman named Mary. His children were:

i. BRIDGET KENNEDY (1787-1862), married 1803 to Richard Shea (1780-1826), a surgeon from Ireland who had bought a plantation in Port de Grave, Nfld.
ii. CATHERINE KENNEDY (1779-1796), married John Neile of Fermeuse, Nfld.
iii. JOHN KENNEDY, d. 1872. Married 1818 to a woman named Margaret.
iv. PATRICK KENNEDY married 1818 to a woman named Martha.
v. MARY KENNEDY (1785-1816), married Michael Neile of Fermeuse, Nfld., probably the brother of John, above.
[3] vi. JOHANNA KENNEDY (1792-1816), married 1811 to Vincent Costigan, an Irish immigrant to Harbour Main who was working for her father. See Costigan page.
vii. MARGARET KENNEDY, b. 1800. Married 1813 (so young!) to James Hackett.

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